How to Choose the Right Wedding Band

When you ask a wedding guest to relate the most fun they had at a wedding, the most common answer undoubtedly involves what occurred on the dance floor – and you can’t build these memories without the right wedding band.

Cheesy music coupled with a dated band that just doesn’t fit your style is simply going to result in the party falling flat. To avoid making the wrong call, keep the following tips in mind.

The Kind of Music
Many people make the mistake of appointing a band that, despite having a stellar reputation and a great sound, just can’t deliver on the vibe and style of music the bride and groom are looking for.

Think about it - you wouldn’t have Celine Dion do hip-hop or rap, would you? And when it comes to wedding music, you’ve got to think about it on those terms as well. Don’t just go by name alone – it may not be enough. Instead, look to see whether your chosen band can deliver on your specific song choices.

Ask Friends, Family, and Colleagues!
Despite this being a fairly obvious port of call, it’s nevertheless worth reminding you that friends, family and colleagues have a wealth of knowledge and contacts for you to tap into.

Start asking people in your peer group as soon as you start planning your wedding. Whether it’s to get contact details from a band you’ve seen at a wedding yourself or from an acquaintance or colleague who waxes lyrical about their choice, it really pays to get your research done early.

Do The References Stack Up?
Any wedding band worth their salt will have plenty of references and testimonials from happy couples. If your wedding band doesn’t have them aplenty on their website, the alarm bells should start ringing.

After all, you want a band that has gone through the motions plenty of times before. You don’t want a collection of talented musicians that have never played at such an event before – you don’t want them making their first mistakes at your wedding.

Listen to the Band Play Live
This one may be yet another piece of advice from the book of captain obvious, but if possible try and see your band play live. Don’t rely on studio recording alone. Bands can often sound great in the studio, but don’t quite perform on the stage.

If going to a live gig isn’t possible, try and find a recording on their website or YouTube. It’s likely they’ll have something available for you to listen to. Just remember that the sound quality will often not quite match what you hear live.

Does the Band Look the Part?
You want a band that has both the sound quality and the looks to go with it. We’re not saying they should all look like models, far from it – this isn’t a cast call for a boy band, after all.

All we’re saying is that your band should not look cheesy or scruffy. They should look presentable and fit in with the backdrop of your reception. You don’t want the band to clash with everything else at the venue. You’re looking for something that will seamlessly slot into the sophistication of your event.

The Venue
The path to finding the right wedding band isn’t just about the music either. The venue will often play a big part as well. So make sure you go to your venue manager equipped with the following questions:

Are there any size or space restrictions for the band? For example, some hotel venues will want to limit the noise levels and others can simply not accommodate certain bands and their instruments.
Are there any potential issues or obstacles, for example with hooking up equipment or with loading and unloading?

As you can see, choosing a wedding band encompasses a little bit more than most would think. There are nuts and bolts to think about in addition to the obvious considerations. Start the process early and you’ll save yourself a last-minute panic and a dreadful first dance!


Posted on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 by Gemma Cabrera

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